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Adelson Destroys Paper

There are few who can miss the connection. The billionaire casino mogul who supports the Republicans to the tune of a huge amount of money, who famously hates the idea of any internet casino, and who can often be quoted spouting his opinions to anyone who will listen to him, funded his own newspaper in Israel – and now a rival paper forces closure as a result of his selfish and self serving actions. Read more »

Breaking the stereotypes: Baccarat is an elitist game

Baccarat is one of the most popular internet casino games that is played and enjoyed by a large number of players from all over the world. However baccarat was once considered a game that was played only by the wealthy. Read more »

Poker Club Has License Revoked… For Too Much Gambling

We are even now still attempting to figure this story out, because it quite frankly doesn’t make sense. Maybe there is more than meets the eye, but until such time as more information becomes available this is the story in full. Many of you will have heard of The International Private Members Club, which is an incredibly respected and well known London-based poker club. According to several reports the famous venue has just had its license revoked by Hackney Council. Why? Because the poker club was allowing too much gambling to take place. Yes, that is the actual cited reason for the license revocation. Read more »

European Operators Line Up Software Providers

Since European countries are close to making internet gambling legal, internet casino operators and license seekers are busy at work rounding up software providers. The three main nations to hit the headlines regarding the current development are Spain, Greece and Denmark. Read more »

Gambling Trivia

We all love our gambling games and enjoy the excitement they bring us. But did you know that even gambling games have got interesting myths, legends and trivia? Like everything in this world, gambling games have their own interesting facts that many of us don’t know of. The cards that we use for games like blackjack and poker have a very interesting history. The Chinese began to print and so the paper card came into existence, but it was the French who created the 52 card deck, paving the way for everyone’s favourite internet casino games. Read more »

The Loose Caboose is on The Run

Get ready for some real fun on the rail road. The Loose Caboose Slot game is a uniquely themed and really fun internet slot machine from Real Time Gaming. On this fun journey if you get three or more caboose symbols on the reels the Cash train appears on your screen to reveal the Free Game Amounts, Prize Multipliers and Bonus Symbols. During the free games if you get the Gold Bonus Symbols on the reels your winning will be double. And if you get three or more cabooses during the free games you win an extra 5 free games. You get a lot of opportunities to win in the Loose Caboose Slot game. Read more »

Bodog is Leaving the US

It’s time for the US to say goodbye to their favorite gambling brand, Bodog. Bodog has been offering its internet casino games services to US players through the Morris Mohawk Gambling Group (MMGG). Recently Bodog announced that it would be allowing its license agreement with MMGG to expire by the end of 2011. Read more »

Neteller Internet Casino Payment Processor

Leading internet casino payment solutions provider, Neteller, revealed earlier this month that a brand new look is planned for its website. The company announced in a blog posting, “We’re in the process of tuning up our website to make it easier than ever to find out how to get the most out of your Neteller eWallet, Net+ Prepaid MasterCard and all our other services. As part of this, our sign-in page has a new look and feel to it.” It was also mentioned that signing in to your account would be even easier than before, allowing you to get back to the internet casino games quickly. The vast majority of these changes are the result of Neteller user suggestions. Read more »

Internet Slots and Scratch Cards Combinations

Internet casino software providers are talking brand value to better their business. Branded internet slot machines are the most inevitable example for this new trend. If you look at the popularity that Marvel slot machines have attained, one has to agree that brand value does take your business to another level. Read more »

Understanding the Casino House Edge

Land based casinos and internet casinos make their cash through what we call the House Edge. So do you know what the House Edge is? We at Internet Casino will explain exactly what the House Edge is. With every bet made in a casino, a built in profit is included, which the casinos makes in the long run. This is the House Edge and it is sometimes called the Casino Advantage. This profit margin depends on the game you play and how much you bet. The House Edge is basically the difference between what you win and the true odds of you winning the game. Read more »

English Harbour March Madness Tourney

There is no better time to be playing at English Harbour group’s internet casinos than in March. Want to know why? One of the largest internet slot machines tournaments that goes by the name of March Madness is being held in March and the best news is that it is available across all the internet casinos of the English Harbour group. Read more »

How to Use American Express at Internet Casinos

Thanks to easy deposit methods, internet casinos have become the play ground for the young and the old who have a flare for internet casino gambling. And whoever has used their American Express (Amex) card, would know that using your Amex at internet casinos is no different from using it for other internet purchases. The bonus at some internet casinos is that you can get an internet casino bonus for using it. For those of you new to internet gambling then this article will help you on how to use your American Express card at internet casinos. Read more »

Ladbrokes and Playtech Online Gambling Deal

Ladbrokes, the big British bookmaker and internet gambling business, is currently holding talks with Playtech, which is one of the biggest internet gambling software providers in the world, to merge. Read more »